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November 27, 2023 |
Expat Student - Louise Thomson Fernet

Louise Thomson Fernet

Expat Student was founded by Louise Thomson Fernet to help high school students access higher education at prestigious UK universities and in doing so, join one of the best university systems in the world. On the strength of this experience and in response to a growing demand, Expat Student has since extended its range of services to also offer support for students wishing to apply to courses in renowned universities across Europe and Canada, as well as for students who wish to extend their studies with a Master’s degree. It is with enthusiasm, determination and methodology that Expat Student guides each student to access the university that is the best suited to their personal needs and goals.

Having accompanied her own children in their international university applications, Louise understands that the different steps to a successful application can be complex and difficult for students who are not based in the UK or who are not supported by a great school counsellor. Thanks to Louise’s international experience, Expat Student is able to offer an holistic support role based on an evaluation of the student’s academic needs and a detailed knowledge of the universities, courses and campuses in the UK, Europe and Canada.

If your child is considering university in another country it is advisable to reach out to Expat Student when the student is in their penultimate school year. This is the perfect time to discuss their needs and formulate an holistic support plan to help them achieve their goals. Expat Student can provide students with information to help them prepare their application well in advance, which may include work experience placements and/or studying for obligatory exams, depending on the courses they are applying for. Each support plan is tailored made to the needs of the individual student.

Louise and her team will help you to make stress-free applications to prestigious universities in the UK, Europe and Canada for courses as diverse as International Business Management, Engineering, International Law, English Literature, History, International Relations and Politics, Medicine, Veterinary Studies and Dentistry.

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What we like about them

  Louise is a Mum Abroad herself and has first hand experience with her own children's international university applications.
  Expat Student offers a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your child’s ambitions and how Expat Student can help them.
  Expat Student also give advice to help students settle into their new place of study, their new country, their new culture and new life.

In their own words

Having been through the university application process for my four children, I understand how stressful this can be for the students, and their parents. My role is to make the application process as easy and stress free as possible, allowing the student to concentrate on their exams. – Louise Thomson Ferne


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