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March 23, 2024 |
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International exchange programmes for young people

Into Education is a caring and professional organisation with over 40 years experience of facilitating international exchange programmes for young people aged 14 to 18.5 years old. With offices in Malaga and across Europe, Into Education offers personalised guidance and support for secondary school students embarking on a year abroad.

Having successfully sent over 40,000 students on exchanges, the Into Education team pride themselves on their expertise and care. Destinations they offer include Australia, 
, England
, Germany
, Hungary
, Ireland, 
New Zealand, 
South Africa and the 
United States.

Typically students will embark on an academic programme abroad for a full year, but shorter exchanges for one or two semesters are also possible.

Into Education’s unique year abroad experiences have been designed to ensure that each participant gains fluency in a new language and develops a deeper understanding of diverse cultures. Students are empowered to embrace invaluable new skills, adapt to new surroundings and make friends for life. This journey of self-discovery gives young people life-long skills and a new perspective of global citizenship.

During their year-long exchange, pupils live with a carefully chosen host family, for complete immersion in the culture and language of their host country. Into Education work closely with trusted local partners to ensure the best possible experience for each child.

The team recognises the enormity of embarking on a year in a new country and have an in-depth preparation process to ensure that families know exactly what to expect.

Become a host family with INTO

INTO is always looking to extend its network of caring host families. Spain is quickly becoming a solicited destination for international exchange students and INTO are actively looking for families who can help to transform the lives of young people through the unique experience of living in a welcoming and loving family while they attend a local high school for one, two or three school terms.

Enrich your family’s life by getting to know the nicest young people from all over the world. They offer good and fair conditions and cover all costs and provide continual support through their managers and local coordinators. Contact their team to find out more about hosting a student.

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What we like about them

  The wide range of destinations they offer, from Australia to South Africa means there is something to suit every young person.
  The Into Education team get to know every client personally and are closely involved in each individual exchange
  The exchanges they offer are truly life-changing experiences for young students, who return home with perfect language skills and boosted self-confidence.
  Every staff member has also personally been an exchange student themselves, so can relate to and support each young person embarking on a new adventure.

In their own words

Sending your son or daughter abroad for a year is the first big step of both your lives. It’s a big step for you as a parent because it is the first loosening of the apron strings.  It’s a big step for your son or daughter, because it is his or her first experience of true adulthood. It is not an exaggeration to say that this important step will affect the decisions they take in the future and indeed their whole lives. 

A school year abroad is not just sitting in a classroom in another country. It is your child’s first assimilation into another culture and society with other traditions, as well as a total immersion in the foreign language. Your son or daughter will meet new people with different ways of life, learn to integrate into and accept other cultures and discard prejudices. This incredibly important experience will shape their future and influence success in both their personal and professional lives. 

In a recent survey of company managers, they were asked if the fact that a candidate had studied abroad in a foreign high school, would influence or not the selection process for jobs leading to eventual management positions. The comments were nearly all the same and showed that successful candidates were indeed those who could be sent abroad for the company and who could adjust to local conditions and be able to live away from home for a time, as well as being fluent in another language. One manager stated very clearly that he felt that a study abroad experience was not simply an advantage but indeed a condition for his potential candidates. 

As a parent you are not just ensuring that your son or daughter speaks a second or third language, you are also building his or her character for success in future life. One can say the jump forward in maturity can be described as your child departing overseas and a young adult returning home. As a father, I can only advise you, take this step with your son or daughter. Don’t dream it! Do it!” – John Fisher, CEO INTO Group


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