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May 22, 2018 | Baby & Toddler, Blog, Parenting

phil&teds is all about helping parents adapt&survive their parenting day – escaping the nursery jail, with products that let you retain your sense of self & live your dynamic lifestyle with kids in tow.

Not just a buggy



The award-winning brand, based out of Wellington, New Zealand, has been making kids stuff for more than two decades and you will find their innovative products around the globe. Creators of the world’s first ever inline, a single to double buggy in a single footprint, phil&teds is perhaps best known for its strollers designed for dynamic lifestyles.



phil&teds industrial designer, Evarn Flaunty, says “a buggy is probably one of the most important purchases new mums and dads can make, which is why we design – be it industrial, textile or through visual communication – not just for the child who will sit in it, but the proud parents pushing their offspring.”

The brand’s textile designer, Jane Hills, agrees: “purchasing a buggy is no longer just about practicality, with many parents looking to retain a sense of self through style. My goal is to really push the boundaries and revolutionise the fabrics and prints – ensuring our products are fashion forward and appeal to a wide audience, both female and male.”



phil&teds, however, is not only about innovative design but also has a philanthropic element. Launched in 2009, Buggies for Good, is all about giving back – helping deserving families, communities, and organisations in need. Along with sample products and seconds stock, they collect pre-loved buggies from their friends around the world. All products are serviced to ensure they are in good working order, before being donated back into the community – direct to families or organisations.

The benefit of a donated buggy is enormous not only for mum and dad’s well-being, but also the development of their children. It means parents can leave the house with baby in tow – attend medical appointments and post-natal health checks, join a playgroup, visit the shops and take the kids to the park. The durability and robust nature of the designs means families can house oxygen tanks and ventilator equipment in buggy gear trays and tote bags, or use a buggy as a means of transport for an older child as opposed to your traditional wheelchair. To date, over 500 products have been rehomed.

If you’ve got a buggy that you want to give the push, or know of an organisation or family that phil&teds can help, email


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