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January 20, 2020 | France, Home & Admin, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Toulouse

In 2014 Nasia and her husband co-founded Sukhi, an online business selling hand made rugs direct from the makers. They started off in Nepal selling handmade felt ball rugs and are able provide global exposure to these skilful and talented artisans at an affordable price. Their artisans are all hard working women, passionate about their skills. Through Sukhi Nasia has been able to give these women a voice.

In Nepali, Sukhi means “happy”.

What makes us happy? Producing handmade rugs of the best quality. Preserve the ancient traditions of carpet making. And treat the artisans with dignity and respect.

Happy that you play a role: When choosing a Sukhi rug, you also support these values. You will smile when your carpet arrives at your door.

Happy craftsmen: We help artisans around the world to preserve their traditions. Making rugs by hand is their art. It has a meaning and a story. We will never resort to using machinery. Traditions are honoured. It is important to preserve the art of the carpet.

Good working conditions: Sukhi artisans receive fair wages. We are proud of our artisans and treat them well. This helps them thrive. Have you ever wondered where the names of our rugs come from? We call them after their producers, of course!

To find out more read an interview with Nasia Burnet – preserving traditional rug making with Sukhi Rugs

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I didn’t dare to dream that finding the rug of my dreams could be so easy! Just 5 weeks after ordering from Sukhi it was delivered and it‘s beautiful. I have been looking for that kind of rug (the traditional Kadhija with its diamond pattern) for such a long time. It reminds me that sometimes it’s worth the wait instead of settling for a compromise. Even now 5 months later, I‘m happy to look at it, walk over it or just sit on it because it’s so beautiful and comfortable.
    Thank you Sukhi rugs! (Lis)

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