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August 22, 2022 |
Susan Kellerman

Authentic American style baked goods

Susan Kellerman, founder of TastyCakes Madrid and baker, has loved baking for family and friends her whole life and is now spreading that love in Madrid, where she has been based since 2008. TastyCakes Madrid was born out of the desire to have homemade and authentic American-style baked goods, no matter the location. Being one of the few American bakeries owned by an American in Madrid, TC offers a range of traditional layer cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies and other classic desserts that expats often long for – all handmade to order. 

Susan grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a family of self-taught cooks and bakers. She has carried this connection to food with her throughout her time living abroad in Tanzania and Spain, where she taught music full-time in international schools. Baking in foreign countries, with different ingredients and equipment to what she was used to, presented unique challenges which piqued her innate curiosity. This encouraged Susan to start to better understand the science behind baking through reading and experimenting. Knowing that formal pastry training would fill some holes in her skills and knowledge, Susan earned her Certification of Basic Pastry from Le Cordon Bleu Madrid in July 2020. 

The top priority of TastyCakes Madrid is to bring the highest level of balanced taste and texture to all products. Hours of reading and testing go into each recipe that comes out of the TC Kitchen. As well, nearly all of the ingredients used are minimally processed or all-natural, come from within Spain, and are sourced from small and/or local businesses. The second priority of TC is to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible, however without sacrificing the quality of the desserts. 

Now, Susan is combining her baking love and knowledge with her teaching experience by offering workshops and classes for bakers of all ages. Each session, whether virtual or in-home, for families or groups of friends, is specifically designed with the participants in mind. Everyone will leave with an increased confidence in the kitchen and feeling that they have been personally attended to, while also understanding baking ingredients and procedures better. Most importantly, though, it will be hours of fun for all! 

What we like about them

  Minimally processed or all-natural ingredients sourced within Spain
  Personalised classes and workshops from an experienced teacher
  Taste & texture are Susan's top priority
  American baking businesses that is owned and run by an American!

In their own words

I love the smiles on my clients faces when they see their cake for the first time, or hearing their happy sighs when eating their cookies or cupcakes…this is why I started TastyCakes Madrid. Knowing that a TC dessert can transport a client back into a childhood memory brings *me* joy. I want my clients to be able to enjoy these desserts and those moments…and to also not feel guilty about going back for seconds!” Susan


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