Teachers for Peace

Online activities for Ukrainian children

Teachers for Peace was recently co-founded by 8 teachers across the globe: Jennifer Richmond, owner of  Tandem English Academy in Argentona, Spain, Dacha Jdanova and Valerie Fournie in France, Nereyda Valle and Jill Teasedale also in Spain, Adriane Mansi in Brazil, Olha Hryhoryan in Ukraine and Nami Yagi. Together they have helped organise a collective of volunteer teachers to give free classes to Ukrainian students both in the midst of the war and those settling as refugees abroad. A collective of volunteer teachers offers a safe online space for children by giving them a variety of free educational activities. Teachers for Peace now has 44 teachers from around the world and over 900 Ukrainian students in the telegram group.

Their story

“Our story starts with women teacher entrepreneurs, scattered over Europe, Asia, South and North America.  We were all  connected by one thing, the Genki English method and mentality created by Richard Graham.

“Genki 元気” is a Japanese word that means “original spirit” or  high vigor. The method focuses on making learning fun and enticing children to love learning and be part of this global world.

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine. It was heartbreaking. We reached out to our Olha, a Ukrainian friend from our Genki group. She was in shock. Her husband was about to go to war!  We asked her what we could do. She suggested we provide classes to the children;  give them a place to be distracted and give mothers peace of mind.  And so Teachers for Peace began.

Classes started on March 1st. We raced to open a zoom account and we penciled down the times we could teach. We started with one student and by the end of the day had 9.  The students who joined stayed online till the end of the day. On day four we had 100 students. Valerie Fornie helped with scheduling and recruiting. Little by little our collective grew.

We have all been touched by this loving community of Teachers of Peace. We have 44 official teachers representing over 20 countries, and over 900 students in our telegram group. The outpouring of love is overwhelming. Most of our students remain in Ukraine but others have  moved to Spain, Germany, Italy, and France. Our classes range from languages, arts, music, math, and yoga.”

Teachers for Peace are actively seeking volunteer female teachers to join their team. If you are interested to know more please do contact them by email: teachersforpeace2022@gmail.com

What we like about them

  A group of professional and dedicated teachers who just want to help
  Everyone is a volunteer
  Free classes for children giving mothers a few moments for themselves

In their own words

One smile makes such a difference.  That one smile plants seeds of hope.  Teachers for Peace has become a place where students can come to create, imagine, and hope. We believe that this hope brings peace.” The team, Teachers for Peace


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