The British School of Malaga offers the English national curriculum for pupils aged 3-18, and also allows automatic validation of qualifications in Spain’s national curriculum up to year 11 (ESO 4). After that, qualifications in Spain’s Bachillerato curriculum for Key Stage 5 depends upon performance in English curriculum subjects and compulsory, extra Spanish subjects. The school is part of the prestigious International Schools Partnership.


Like most of the other 11 British schools in the International Schools Partnership in Spain, the British School of Malaga follows the English national curriculum while adding on compulsory Spanish subjects to allow for dual English & Spanish national qualifications. For an over of Spain’s national education system, see our Education in Spain page. A full list of subjects available in secondary school can be found on the British School of Malaga’s website.


The British School of Malaga is located in the Cerrado de Calderon hills outside Malaga, and is a 15 minute drive from the city centre.

Fees & Admissions

The school charges a one-off enrolment fee of €1,000, as well as an annual payment of €550. The school then charges monthly tuition fees between €500 – €900 depending on the key stage. An overview of the fee structure including prices for school lunches and the school bus can be found here.

The admissions process begins with an enquiry, which can be made following contact links on the British School of Malaga’s website.

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Contact Details:

Avenida Centaurea, 8, 29018 Málaga / +34 952 290 149 / /

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