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January 16, 2020 | Education Listings, France, Lyon education, Schools Lyon

The English School Lyon (l’English School Lyon) is an École Maternelle and Primaire for pupils aged 3 to 10, teaching the French curriculum.


The school is bilingual, teaching half-days in either English or French (with teaching time split around 40% English, 60% French). The curriculum is based on the French national curriculum with a strong emphasis on English language immersion.

The school’s approach emphasises personal development, kindness, empathy and tolerance, with a wide range of sports, music and theatre offered alongside the school’s academic programme. The school provides children with a caring, friendly environment and a positive approach to their education.

More information can be found on the school’s curriculum pages, however the school’s website is in French only.

The school has a lunch menu that is based in local produce, with at least 25% of food sourced from organic growers in the nearby area. The school also places an emphasis on drama, music and sports, with facilities to study each.


School fees are fixed at 4,300 euros annually for the duration of schooling at the school. An overview of tuition fees for the 2020-21 academic year can be found here (in French only).


The school provides a downloadable admissions form, which is in French only.


The school is located in the town of Marcy-l’Étoile, and is a 30-minute drive from Lyon city centre.

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Contact Details:

701 rue du Vallon, 69280, Marcy l’Etoile
+33 (0)4 81916776

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