The Family Law Italy

February 23, 2021 | Emilia-Romagna, Family Services, Italy, Milan, Rome, Tuscany & Umbria

The Family Law Italy

The Family Law Italy, experts in the field of Family Law, was founded in 1982 by Marco Calabrese, an Italian Attorney. For over three decades the firm has been committed to helping clients resolve emotional and economic family issues in a calm and dignified manner. They offer a comprehensive approach, protecting interests, clarifying rights and, eventually, to defending their clients in court when necessary. Matters handled by the firm in the area of family law include Hague Convention child abduction and all types of cross-border litigation cases, marriage, legal separation and divorce, shared or sole custody, parenting time, modification of agreements, paternity, adoption, grandparental rights and juvenile court issues.

The Family Law Italy work with experienced professionals throughout Italy; child custody, psychology and financial experts who are devoted to family law. The firm collaborates internationally with practices in Continental Europe, the UK and the USA and is on the US Embassies official list of recommended attorneys. The firm also has vast experience and expertise in car accidents, civil damages, credit collection, estates, foreign claims, insurance, labour relations, wills and testaments.

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Via Domenico Chelini, 20, Rome
+39 06 8075014

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