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Ian Gibbs

The Learnability Man helps improve learning strategies to achieve maximum potential. If you feel your child is struggling with their studies and could be getting better results, you should talk to Ian Gibbs. Born in Sheffield, living in Barcelona, Ian Gibbs (aka The Learnability Man) helps students of all ages get closer to achieving their full potential by showing them how the learning process works and coaching them to develop their own personal learning strategy. Ian is a coach, author and speaker on his unique area of expertise: Learnability – our ability to approach, absorb and apply new knowledge and skills.

Through his coaching, workshops and seminars, Ian has helped thousands of people “increase their intelligence within 24 hours” by showing that by using the right cognitive techniques we are all capable of remembering and understanding things better and that being a good student isn’t so much an issue of IQ or having a good teacher and much more to do with the techniques we use to learn.


Once students start to apply their own effective strategies, they gain self-confidence and approach their studies with a can-do mindset which starts a virtuous cycle of academic success.


Coaching sessions are recommended for younger teens and parents together since the right kind of parental support is an essential part of the process. For university students, the sessions can be one-to-one or with a classmate. Obviously, sessions are virtual (unless you are in the Barcelona area) and last one hour.


Ian has a degree in Astrophysics, a postgraduate in Education and has worked in education for over 30 years. His books include ‘Learning A Language’, ‘23 Tips To Learn Stuff Better’, ‘23 Tips To Get Better Grades’ and ‘4×4 Learning’ all available on Amazon.


You can find a full transcript of our interview with Ian Gibbs here.

What we like about them

  Over 30 years experience
  Free 60 minute consultation
  Flexible and personalised service
  Has written 2 books for students of all ages, offering simple but effective methods to improve their capacity to learn, understand more and remember for longer.

In their own words

Not teaching students how to learn is like expecting someone to drive a car without having learnt to drive. It inevitably causes unnecessary stress, frustration and a lack of self-confidence.” Ian Gibbs



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  1. Carrie Frais says:

    How to learn well is a hugely undervalued aspect of a child’s education. In a clear and easy-to-follow approach and by making small changes every day, Ian has helped my teenage daughter manage time and stress both in the classroom and at home. She now is beginning to understand that being at school is about more about learning and being curious rather than simply being ‘taught’. She’s been handed tools which will help her day-to-day both now and in the future.

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