The Virtual Midwife

March 12, 2019 | Bordeaux, France, Lyon, Maternity Services, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse

Karen Wilmot is a midwife on a mission to to address the Internet as part of the larger health communication system, and restore normality to childbirth through effective education. She launched The Virtual Midwife in 2014 as an online service dedicated to providing virtual support and assistance to women in remote areas while cultivating a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. Karen has a deep belief in the mind body connection and has studied yoga and hypnotherapy to compliment her practice. She is an author (Giving Birth Abroad – the essential guide for expats expecting) and has presented at international conferences about the role of technology in effective antenatal education.

The amount of information freely available online is a double edged sword. It is both empowering and destructive. I hope teach discerning use of the internet while providing high quality curated content and virtual 1:1 support.

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2 responses to “The Virtual Midwife”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    Karen is an amazing lady, she was their for my husband and I, nearly 7 years ago now for the birth of our daughter. Her knowledge, expertise and understanding of the many dimensions and human considerations about having a new baby helped us so much. Her advice was invaluable and we are blessed and thankful to have Karen as a wonderful friend. (Shona)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    I first had the benefit of Karen’s amazing support with my first son about 2 years ago. As an expat with no family nearby, having such an experienced, calm and encouraging professional to gently guide me through my first pregnancy, and early days with a new baby was very reassuring. (Nicky)

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