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The British College of Gavà

‘Where British tradition meets innovation’ The British College of Gavà offers a comprehensive and personalised education for students 3 to 18 years old. Students are encouraged to take a genuine interest in their studies, to make the most of their skills and to develop a strong sense of personal motivation, thus preparing them to continue learning throughout their life in a rapidly changing world. The school strives to achieve educational excellence through continuous and efficient work and a high level of collaboration between students, parents and teachers. Education is aimed at the whole person, and the school’s excellent facilities are fully taken advantage of to offer a wide range of sport and other activities. The school benefits from a strong technological support mechanism. Students must learn to analyse, solve problems, think creatively and use their imagination. The goal is for them to be happy in their learning. The British College of Gavà is accredited by the British government and follows the English national curriculum.
Language of instruction: English
Other languages: Spanish, Catalan, French

Contact Details:

C/Josep Lluís Sert, 32, 08850 Gavà / +34 93 277 78 99 /

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