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The International School of Catalunya, La Garriga

ISCAT, the International School of Catalunya, offers the English National Curriculum, with Catalan and Spanish integrated in the programme, and French as a foreign language. ISCAT is located just 30 minutes from Barcelona centre, in La Garriga. The school’s mission is to offer a secure, nurturing and multicultural environment in which the intellectual, physical, emotional and creative development of each student is optimised, respecting the language, culture and creativity of every individual. Through its exemplary educational programme, ISCAT is committed to providing a learning environment, free from discrimination, in which a lifelong passion for culture and learning, and an appreciation of both personal and host country cultural heritage is fostered. Integrity, respect and responsibility are the keystones in helping students to become enlightened world citizens and independent thinkers.
Language of instruction: English
Other languages: Spanish, Catalan, French

Contact Details:

El Passeig, 9, 08530 La Garriga / +34 93 841 40 77 /

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