Therapists & Coaches

The world has been undergoing a major trauma. The pandemic has upended many lives, livelihoods and and sense of security. People have lost jobs, have got sick and have lost loved ones. Our routines—how we socialise, how we eat, how we work and how we sleep—have all been disrupted. Many of us have been experiencing an increased level of anxiety and even some hopelessness related to an uncertain future. For those of us who live abroad, these feelings have often been exacerbated. It is also more challenging if you are trying to cope without enough support.


Stigma and shame are often cited as reasons for people not getting help with their mental health when they need it. Therapy, however is beginning to become more normalised. With this in mind. MumAbroad has created a section wholly devoted to the amazing therapists and coaches who are able to advise and support not only those who have been suffering mentally as a result of the disruption caused by Covid-19 but also from the often challenging day-to-day struggles we face from grief and loneliness to parenting and lack of direction, If you would like to feature in this section please contact us