Therapists & Coaches in Italy

While adapting to life in a new culture, international families living in Italy may encounter emotional challenges such as loneliness from isolation or language barriers and depression. Our growing community of English speaking therapists and coaches in Italy includes clinical psychotherapists, certified grief counsellors, Gestalt therapists, marriage therapists and practitioners of hypnotherapy for anyone concerned about their emotional and physical wellbeing.


There are also a range of fantastic life and business coaches to help newly arrived expats take steps towards the kind of life they would like to lead, and make lasting changes.


For parents concerned about their children and teenagers in Italy, there are a range of local adolescent counsellors and children’s therapists with experience working with difficulties including anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD and behavioural issues resulting from communication difficulties or big life changes like moving schools.


You can read more about psychotherapy services in Italy via the European Association of Psychotherapy network of local English-speaking psychologists and mental health specialists are there to help expats in Italy overcome any worries or emotional difficulties and make the most of La Dolce Vita.


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