Therapy in Barcelona

February 10, 2021 | Therapists & Coaches Spain
Therapy in Barcelona

Leigh Matthews

Leigh Matthews is a registered Australian psychologist and founder of Therapy in Barcelona. Leigh moved from Australia to Barcelona in 2011, left a successful private practice in her home country, opened another in Barcelona and gave birth to her son here in 2012.  She comes to her work with expats in Barcelona with personal experience of the challenges and rewards of expat family life in Barcelona. That experience, and her life-long passion and talent for helping people in psychological practice, converge in the invaluable resource that is Therapy in Barcelona.

Therapy in Barcelona is a welcoming place where a caring and skilled team of therapists provide therapy, counselling and coaching in English to Barcelona’s international community. They provide a safe, confidential space for adults, couples, children, adolescents, and families who seek support. They help adult individuals who feel isolated and lonely or are experiencing culture shock while adjusting to life in Barcelona. They can also help with feelings of depression or anxiety, sadness, loneliness, low motivation and relationship hassles. They help families and parents raising children and also kids and teens struggling with school stress, adjustment to new schools, adaptation for kindergarten or preschool, bullying, learning difficulties and screen time. They help couples achieve greater intimacy and connection, and improve communication.


Personalised therapy, counselling and coaching services are provided by a group of professionals from the USA, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, and Sweden. Languages include English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch.

What we like about them

  Online or face to face therapy.
  Complimentary 20-minute telephone discovery session.
  Book a one off 50 minute online support session with a therapist today for €40.
  Some of the collaborating therapists accommodate changes to their fee structure if you are unable to afford the fees and are in genuine need.  You must speak to the collaborating therapist about this at your first session.
  A team of international therapists, speaking at least 8 different languages.

In their own words

We know your challenges here are numerous: dislocation from familiar networks, cultural and school adaptation, work changes, choosing neighbourhoods, foreign languages, packing and unpacking, stress, culture shock and more. That’s why we offer you a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental space where you can be heard and supported in English. Adults, couples, families, groups, children and adolescents from Barcelona’s international community rely on us for a range of strategies to reduce distress, and to enhance and promote emotional wellbeing.” Leigh Matthews, Founder


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