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May 22, 2018 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Healthcare, Spain

Dr Stefan Tingsvall and Elena Mcarthy are two dental health professionals, a dentist and a hygienist, from Stockholm and from New York, working from their private clinic in Barcelona. Their philosophy focuses on conserving your natural teeth by means of treatment and dental education. The attention you receive is tailored for each patient, and oriented to enhance your smile.

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Djanara Cortesao

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 Carrer Castellnou 47-51 Bjs, 08017 Barcelona/ tingsvall-mccarthy.com


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  1. Djanira Cortesao says:

    I went to see Elena McCarthy (dental hygienist) for a second opinion after being told that my four year old needed four fillings. I was shocked as she hardly eats any sugar and we are strict about brushing well twice a day.

    We had an hour long appointment focusing on education/prevention, cleaning of the affected area, it’s very porous and doesn’t need fillings yet but we were given a home treatment to strengthen the teeth.

    I was impressed by the care and attention we received. Elena started by telling the story of “Tommy the Tooth” using flash cards she’d made herself, they showed correct brushing technique on a large model before we practiced it on my daughters teeth. They gave us a special toothbrush that can be used by the parent with the child also holding so they feel the right technique. All staff were very kind and friendly. Lots of little details that made my daughter feel comfortable. She had been worried after the last experience where they wanted to drill holes in her teeth!

    Highly recommended!

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