Top 5 Theme Parks in Italy to Visit with Your Kids

November 20, 2022 | Blog, Holidays & Travel

The perfect Italy trip can be many things – cultural, historical, or active. But most importantly, it should be good fun! That is especially the case when travelling with your children. Their young years bring more colours to your travels and allow you to choose more exciting activities. One of those is theme parks! And there are plenty of amazing ones in Italy, so let’s see which 5 of the best ones you can visit! 

Volarium, Rome



Undoubtedly one of the most impressive ones in Italy, the Volarium Theme Park is equal parts exciting and educational. 


Take your kids through the overwhelming cinematic adventure of big heights and Italian culture! Here, the visitors can experience a flying cinema and learn about the country’s heritage. Suspended over 10 meters above the ground, the visitors can enjoy screens and interactive projections explaining the most intricate secrets of the cinema, as well as the works of Leonardo da Vinci. 


Truly, Volarium is one of the most striking theme parks in Italy and probably in Europe. So do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance, and soar through the adventure together! 

Edenlandia, Naples


Theme Parks in Naples, Italy


If you are eager to carry on with your unique Italian experiences, catch a high-speed train from Rome to Naples, and visit the oldest theme park in Europe! 


Edenlandia is quite well-known, if anything, thanks to the fact of being the first theme park in Europe, opening in 1937, almost twenty years before Disneyland! However, its impressive age and historical base is not the only thing fun about it. 


Basically, Edenlandia is everything a traveller could hope for. With impressive and colourful rides, slides, shows, theme parties, and music concerts, the park is both authentic and innovative. There are plenty of visible imprints suggesting its old age, and yet most of the amusement areas have been renovated. 


So, get your adrenaline pumping on one of the fun rides, and see what Naples looked like back at the beginning of the 20th century. Best of luck! 

Assassin’s Creed, Rome



While there are more and more computer and online games popping up every day, there are still plenty of kids and adults playing some of the classics, like the well-known and loved Assassin’s Creed. Unfortunately, quests and missions are quite hard to get into sitting behind your screen, so you might as well head to Rome and visit its very own amusement park! 


Essentially, the park is all about gaming. But, at the same time, it is much more than that! With themed surroundings and stunning technology, you get to live out your own quests and save everyone from the Templars! All you have to do is put on your VR glasses and imagine that the consoles are your weapons. 


The game is not too brutal for children, so all of the family will have the time of their lives in this rocking Assassin’s Creed Theme Park! 

Caribe Bay, Jesolo


Theme Parks in Jesolo


Right next to Venice, in the town of Jesolo, is one of Italy’s most adrenaline-inducing theme parks. And this time, not through the screen! 


If you or your kids have ever imagined what it would be like to throw yourself down from great heights or soar through the sky, Caribe Bay is for you. Their most trendy and popular idea of entertainment is hurling towards a striking waterfall at great speed, only to be catapulted back into the air, where for a few moments you can simply imagine being a bird! 


Naturally, Caribe Bay is entirely safe and has age restrictions on some of the shows. However, if you follow their rules and pay attention, the only slightly uneasy feeling in your chest will be one of barely-contained excitement! 

Gardaland Park, Castelnuovo del Garda


Top 5 Theme Parks in Italy to Visit with Your Kids


Right in the province of Verona sits Italy’s pride and joy, made for thrill-seekers! 


Gardaland Park is one of those essential places to visit once you come to Italy. While all the gorgeous museums and ancient sites are a top priority, as soon as you feel like having fun, drive up to Gardaland! 


One of the biggest and most adored theme parks in Europe, it has everything! That first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions an amusement or a theme park? Well, you bet that Gardaland has it! Adrenaline-surging rides, fantasy worlds, and educational spaces are all built and perfected for you and your kids to have the best Italian holiday!

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