Top Benefits of Having a Natural Swimming Pool in Spain

April 20, 2022 | Blog, Home & Relocation

DianaHome is a Maresme-based business offering eco-renovations and home improvements to clients all over Spain. The company’s international, multilingual, and multidisciplinary team of experts works with qualified, vetted local professionals to manage works throughout the entire process. Expert, 360º support ensures renovation and home improvements improve quality of life, reduce environmental impact and increase property value. Here they talk about the benefits of natural swimming pools. 

The Natural Swimming Pool: A Spanish Tradition!


In most parts of Spain, the hot summer months leave many residents wishing for a cool respite where they can freshen up and relax. For those seeking to create a place to sit back, sip sangria and listen to Sevillanas, a natural swimming pool is both timeless and modern.


Natural Swimming Pools


Spain has a long history of beautiful public and private natural swimming pools. Although many know Spain for its beaches, the country’s landlocked areas are full of beautiful natural bodies of water. For decades, local governments and citizens alike have been turning these bodies of water into eco-friendly swimming destinations.

For example, near Madrid, the “San Juan swamp” located in the outer-city town of San Martín de Valdeiglesias contains fourteen kilometres of artificial beaches for local enjoyment. In Galicia, there are dozens of termas naturales, or natural hot-springs, that have been remodelled in an eco-friendly manner.

Swimming Pool Options in Spain


Whereby installing a traditional swimming pool is often an expensive and complicated option, a natural swimming pool is a family and environmentally friendly alternative. Natural swimming pools are an excellent option for homeowners in Spain and can be constructed from zero or created by converting an existing pool. At the same time, the sunsets, and natural pools, in addition to being beautiful (and, well, natural), offer several practical advantages in terms of cost, environmental protection, and flexibility.

Environmental Protection


The Top Benefits of Natural Pools


One of the main reasons that natural swimming pools are so advantageous in a location like Spain is that they allow for the protection of the environment. Many people visit Spain for its expansive vistas and unique flora and fauna. Installing a natural swimming pool on your property can allow wild plants and animals to continue to thrive.

Natural swimming pools use biological filtration instead of dangerous chemicals like chlorine in their water. Chemicals like chlorine are known to harm local wildlife that interacts with them. Installing a natural pool helps keep these hazardous chemicals away from nature.

In addition, natural pools act as perfect homes for local wildlife. Because natural pools are chemical-free, people often introduce aquatic plants which serve as homes for beneficial organisms. Some potential pool owners worry that natural pools will invite hordes of pests into their homes. However, natural swimming pools help prevent pesky mosquitoes. They often act as a habitat for amphibians like frogs who eat these bugs.

Cost Benefits of Natural Pools


Natural pools cost much less over time than a chlorine or salt swimming pool. Natural pools do not incur expensive, maintenance-related costs such as pH balancing, chemical filtration, or chlorine management. As a result, natural pools are much simpler to maintain. Because they integrate into the surrounding topography, natural pools can also save owners a fortune on landscaping costs. Natural pools are usually worked into the unique natural landscape instead of being carved out from scratch, so they fit perfectly with a wild garden.

Natural Pools Allow Flexibility


Pools in Spain


The final advantage of natural swimming pools is their flexibility. Natural swimming pools can adequately function in any shape or size. This means they can fit on any land- no matter how big or small. In Spain, this is important because it means that natural pools are still an option for those living closer to big cities instead of the countryside.

Natural pools also range on how “natural” they appear. Some natural swimming pools have lily pads and gravel bottoms that appear as if they were always part of the landscape. Others still have functional concrete elements such as descending steps. With a natural pool, the possibilities are endless.



Installing a natural pool on your property will allow you to partake in a traditional part of Spanish culture. Compared to conventional chemical pools, the advantages of natural pools are numerous, including cost, flexibility, and environmental protection. It is also the modern, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to take care of your home while providing you and your loved ones a clean, non-toxic way to refresh yourself during the hot Spanish summer months.

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