Tracy Leonetti – Relocation & Business Expert in France

March 4, 2024 |

Relocation Expert in France ensuring a smooth transition to your dream life

Tracy Leonetti is a relocation and business expert in France. She moved to France over 30 years ago, embracing her dream of living in this wonderful country. As a self-grown entrepreneur, she decided to follow her passion for people and founded Leonetti Business Services, offering professional support with paperwork in France.

Tracy is on a mission to provide individuals, families and businesses with the most up to date information, speeding up their integration to the French system and helping them to overcome any obstacles along the way. Her team in the South of France has grown to include relocation experts, property experts and more.

LBS clients range from newly arrived residents getting set up for the first time to people who have lived in France for many years and may need support with a visa renewal or setting up a new business in France.

LBS services are flexible and comprehensive, designed to make life easier with a clear step-by-step appraoch, leaving you to enjoy your new life in France.

Tracy is also a published author, and co-wrote #1 Best Seller, The Pay It Forward Series – Notes to My Younger Self. She has her own podcast, The LBS Report and regularly features as a relocation expert on Riviera Radio.

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What we like about them

  Tracy’s first hand experience of moving to France and setting up a business gives her a profound insight into the experiences of her clients.
  LBS offer a wide range of services to suit every need, with a warm, personable and highly individualised approach.
  Tracy and her team simplify and demystify the often complex process of moving to France. LBS can help problem solve and overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

In their own words

I have a dream to build the worlds most resourceful network for people who want a seamless transition when starting a new life in France because I really believe that starting a new life in France is made easier when given the right resources, information and support. – Tracy Leonetti, LBS Founder & CEO


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