Triin Hertmann – Grünfin

July 11, 2022 |
Triin Hertmann - Grünfin

COO & Co-founder

Triin Hertmann is a COO and Co-founder of Grünfin. Grünfin invests your money in carefully selected exchange-traded funds, while focusing on low-cost, long-term, and diversified investing. Trinn has had 20 years of experience in the international finance and technology world, from helping build companies like Skype and TransferWise to worldwide unicorns. She’s a mother of two small children and a long-time investor, she firmly believes that every technology product should aim to make the world a better place.

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As part of the green finance movement, Grüfin is using novel investing strategies to complement and support climate action by choosing funds with companies that show their commitment to climate goals. Grünfin portfolios are with global companies that rank high in sustainability matters. This is crucial because in order to make a difference and have an impact, large industries must be apart of the solution. Grünfin then interacts with these companies and works with them on topics concerning climate change, workforce conditions, and public health.

Women are considered to be more responsible investors than men. More than 80% of women want their investments to promote social well-being and sustainable development of the planet and Grüfin’s goal is to provide a financial product aligned with the values for the future that female investors appreciate.

Before joining the Skype’s finance team in 2005, Trinn worked in both private equity and corporate finance. She was the second employee at TransferWise in 2011, where she helped set up the startup’s payment operations and finance processes. Later, she was in charge of the company’s global offices and people operations. Trinn holds an MA degree in Organizational Behavior, a degree in International Finance, and a degree in Accounting.

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What we like about them

  Persistent in fighting for climate change
  Cares deeply about the future environment for her children
  Working to make sure sustainable funds have a real impact

In their own words

We all know the world is on an unsustainable track – we’re fighting the climate crisis, health challenges and growing inequality, all at once.” Triin

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