Tripsitta holiday nanny platformTripsitta is the holiday-nanny platform for jet-setting families, looking for quality childcare in top destinations.

Do you need a babysitter or holiday nanny for your next family vacation? Look no further – Tripsitta is the most innovative childcare platform in existence, for cool, culture-loving families who adore exploring the world. They cover some of Europe’s most beloved tourist hotspots, including Rome, Florence, Milan, Como, Sorrento, Tuscany, Paris, Ibiza, Barcelona, Madrid and London.

Whether you need a babysitter for an event, wedding, business trip, so you can have a date night, visit a vineyard or just to have an extra set of hands and enjoy some well deserved me-time on your next vacation, Tripsitta can help.

You can find your ideal local babysitter based in your holiday destination or organise a nanny who can stay with your family and look after your children full time on your next trip.

Begin your Tripsitta journey today by visiting – type in the dates and times that you need a babysitter or holiday nanny, enter the destination and choose from our selection of carefully vetted, experienced and friendly nannies. Check out their profiles, reviews and references and their introduction videos, then select your favourite and book online, quickly and easily. You are only ever a few clicks away from meeting your family’s next Tripsitta, wherever you are going!

Treat yourself to some childcare help on your next holiday.Your children will have a great time and so will you!

Tripsitta –  making travel more fun for the whole family.

No more dragging children around ancient archaeological sites or museums while they beg to go back to the hotel. No more missing out on that fancy restaurant because you don’t think the other patrons will appreciate dinosaur noises over the sound of the classical piano. No more having to spend every waking moment in the swimming pool on holiday while your children jump in and out of it like yoyo’s.” Emmy, Founder

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