¡Vamos! – Spanish Classes Online

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¡Vamos! - Spanish Classes Online

¡Vamos! Let's Learn Spanish

High standards of teaching, a wide choice of courses, online support, a flexible approach and monthly pub quizzes in Spanish make ¡Vamos! – Let’s Learn Spanish, a popular choice for online Spanish classes. Vamos is London’s largest Spanish School with over 9,000 students having passed through their doors. They provide a unique combination of academic discipline and passion for the Spanish language and culture, to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students.

The school offers bespoke training for companies, survival Spanish for travellers, young learner courses for GCSE and A level and all levels of classes from the Common European Framework (CEFR) from beginners to advanced. An experienced team of native speakers qualified in teaching Spanish as a foreign language contribute to the school’s on-going, internal support and training.


Their Book Club is aimed at advanced (B2+) students and explores the rich literary culture of Spain and Latin America. Over a 14-week period, students discuss three masterpieces of literature in Spanish. Students with a lower level can visit the Vamos Blog for an introduction to the literary culture of Spain.


In Spanish for Business (B2+) students learn how to write a CV and covering letter and attend a job interview in Spanish as well as learn vocabulary related to time management and how to solve problems that may appear at work. Students will also be able to sell a product and express ideas for setting up a new business.


During the free Friday evening classes students get a chance to discuss Spanish films, current affairs, Spanish culture and take part in quiz nights. The focus os always fun activities and lots of speaking practice.

What we like about them

  Experienced native teachers
  Free class every Friday at 6.30pm for existing students
  £15 loyalty discount for returning students providing bookings are made during or on completion of a current course
  Fun activities including quiz nights, movie nights and cooking classes

In their own words

It’s the fun and motivation that make our Spanish courses unique. What makes our school stand out is a combination of high standards of teaching, a friendly and sociable atmosphere, a wide choice and continuity of courses, and a flexible approach.” ¡Vamos! Management Team

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