Vanesa Nicolosi – Personal Trainer

August 8, 2022 |
Personal Trainer Vanesa Nicolosi

Women's Fitness Coach in Madrid

Vanesa is a Personal Trainer based in Madrid, working exclusively with women. As a trainer with experience in in-person and online classes, Vanesa is able to support women in their journey to their stronger selves, developing personalised workout programmes tailored to each woman’s needs and goals. Having been interested in fitness from a young age, Vanesa has tried numerous forms of exercise and movement and she knows, firsthand, what it is to be a beginner and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


She will help you navigate the ins and outs of exercise, discover what is best for you and your body and what you can do long term to ensure more energy, strength and flexibility, plus, gain a better quality of life, overall. Her classes are mainly for strength training or flexibility work, as well as Pole Fitness, but all can also be combined for your convenience.

Vanesa sees clients face-to-face in Madrid and also offers her services online. She also offers in-person sessions during her trips to other locations, which she makes available for all to book. 

Packages include the following:

One-to-one fitness sessions via Teams or Zoom, with options to buy 4 or 8 sessions every 4 weeks.

In- Person
One-to-one fitness sessions at your location, with options to buy 4 or 8 sessions every 4 weeks.

Pole Fitness
Only in-person, one-to-one classes, at her location if you are in Madrid.

Be your Own Boss
Workout programmes with instructions, videos, and weekly check-in calls to do in your own time.

Find out more about the Spring! App that Vanesa is developing for online workouts, 1:1 sessions, events, information and more.

What we like about them

  30-minute free virtual coffee before you start any of her programmes to understand how to better help you in your journey
  One-to-one classes online all over the world
  All classes and programmes are individually tailored to your specific needs

In their own words

I love seeing women get stronger and tell me they’ve been bragging about their biceps and how they can now carry boxes everywhere, or climb up the stairs without having to stop to catch their breath – that is what truly makes my days! Nothing makes me happier that a seeing women get stronger and more confident in themselves.” Vanesa



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