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A new approach to language learning

VivaLing is an online language academy, offering live tutoring in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, German and French. From ages 3 to 18. They use experienced native language coaches to conduct 1-to-1 and 1-to-many online classes through real-time video sessions. Coaches receive continuous development training in the VivaLing Online Language Teaching Certificate (VOLT) in order to deliver excellent and consistent teaching. Sessions are 15, 25, 40 or 55 minutes. Either short and frequent for optimal focus and minimal screen time or longer more in depth sessions for more advanced and challenging content. Every session is unique, tailored to the individual learner. It follows their pace, learning style and language goal.

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VivaLing is the go-to online language academy for families living in Spain, Italy, France and Germany.
Living in a foreign country can be fun: making new friends, embracing a new culture, enjoying new cuisine, supporting a new sports team. But it can also be challenging, particularly for kids. Finding new friends, meeting new classmates, taking new exams and making sense of it all.

To do all this children must get to grips with a new language, whilst also remaining proficient in their native one. Their new school can help, but the challenge also falls on you, the parents. Which is where VivaLing steps in.


Whether they need extra support in school or for homework, are studying for a particular exam, or simply looking to improve general conversational skills, their Coach will give them all the help they need.


VivaLing coaches have taught more than 350,000 sessions to 10,000 learners from over 120 countries and have received a 96% customer satisfaction rate. VivaLing operates its own bespoke curriculum (VILLA), based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), accommodating the latest research findings from leading universities in the UK, the US and Singapore.


This means your child is learning at the cutting edge of language teaching skills and enjoying a fun learning journey along the way.

What we like about them

  Promo code for Mumabroad customers MUMABROAD10 (10% off to be used after free trial session)
  Experienced coaches who are native level speakers
  Coaches who make language learning fun!

In their own words

VivaLing Coaches are passionate educators who build lasting friendships. Following a flexible approach, we use hobbies and interests to bring learning to life, making every session as unique as the learner. Gamification and VivaLing’s unique curriculum make learning fun, so, whether maintaining your native language or learning a new one, we are here for you.” The team at VivaLing



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