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Women in Business in Strasbourg

Historic Strasbourg and its surrounding areas boast a growing reputation as a business hub in the North West of France. Conveniently located 2.5 miles (4 km) from the Rhine River, close to the border of Germany, the city is also known for a host of attractive lifestyle benefits.


There have especially never been more women in business in Strasbourg, with many business opportunities for mums in the area, many of whom are increasingly moving away from traditional workplace setups in favour of a more flexible way of life. Many expat mum entrepreneurs in Strasbourg have felt empowered to become freelancers, or to use their skills to start businesses in a range of sectors. The growing number of female-owned businesses in Strasbourg are enabling local and expat mums to balance family time, enjoying the magnificent quality of life that Alsace is known for.


The English Speaking Community of Alsace is a non-profit organisation providing networking opportunities in Strasbourg and the surrounding areas for English speakers of all nationalities and backgrounds. Americans in Alsace (AIA) is another non-profit organisation hosting social events for new and long-term residents and families with an American background in the region. Founded in 2008, Mampreneures has grown into one of the country’s foremost networks for busy mum entrepreneurs and mum-owned businesses in France. They host regular “mamcafés” meet-ups, talks and workshops for local and expat mum entrepreneurs in Strasbourg and surrounding areas.

L’Apéro Entrepreneurs Strasbourg is a monthly after-work meet up for local and international entrepreneurs in Alsace (both women and men), taking place the first Thursday of each month in an informal setting.


At MumAbroad.com, we try our hardest to support female entrepreneurs in Strasbourg, and encourage our online community to reach out if you require any of the services or products listed below. If you would like us to feature your business below, do please email us at info@mumabroad.com

Women Entrepreneurs in Strasbourg

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