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Over the past few years there have been an increasing number of successful women entrepreneurs in France. While France is often known for its more traditional 9-5 working set-ups, there has always been a great deal of importance placed on quality of life and family in French culture and society. The country’s approach to maternity leave programmes and support for mothers is considered excellent by international standards, and France is becoming increasingly supportive of busy mums who juggle work and family life.

More and more professional women in France are finding new and enterprising ways to strike a work-life balance that suits them and their families than ever before, according to a study by StartHer. The proportion of entrepreneurs who are women has increased from 30% in 2006 to almost 40% in 2018. Recently there has been a real commitment at government level to diversification in the workplace, with greater emphasis on public sector investment in private sector organisations promoting women in business in the form of start-up incubators, support organisations for small and growing businesses and women’s networks. The Fédération Pionnières creates and manages incubators, supporting entrepreneuses (female entrepreneurs) in a dozen French regions.

Women and mums from all different cultures and backgrounds are feeling empowered to start their own businesses or are turning to self-employment. Many successful expat mum entrepreneurs in France are opting to work from home, using online market places or social media to reach a broader audience. Cities throughout all of Frances’s major regions are noticeably embracing this shift, with so many business opportunities for mums and strong networks and communities of small and growing businesses. While coworking spaces are a relatively new concept in France, demand is fast increasing. lists many of these spaces across the country – Coworker France.

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