Annabelle Reyes, Founder Spanish and Lessons in Madrid

July 15, 2020 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

We talk to Annabelle Reyes, mother of two girls and founder of the boutique language agency Spanish and Lessons in Madrid, about what makes a good Spanish teacher, her specialised teaching style ‘Inmersion Madrileña’ and the importance of community.

You can find out about Annabelle Reyes’ Spanish and Lessons boutique language agency here.

[1:30] MumAbroad: You have a specific way of teaching, which is called Inmersion Madrileña, could you tell us more about it?

Annabelle Reyes: “Inmersión Madrileña was born as a cultural exercise and practical way to add value to my one-to-one lessons. I teach individually, I tailor make every session, every lesson, to a specific student or client and I felt that they needed to practise what they were learning with me in a real scenario. So I thought that maybe it could be good to add value to take them out to connect with locals, so the Madrid expat community can mingle and connect with locals. That’s the idea: to create a network where Madrileños and expats can interact.”

“Expats have very specific needs, they also want to have a good life in this city, so if somehow we can add all these ingredients to the fact that you are learning a new way of thinking by learning a language, it’s something that will help you in general.”

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