Brewster Madrid American School interview with Founding Head Craig Gemmell

February 7, 2024 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Brewster Madrid American School

Brewster Madrid is an American school located in downtown Madrid offering an innovative education to 3 to 18 year olds. It is part of a growing community of international campuses whose mission is to prepare diverse thinkers for lives of purpose.

Who is Craig Gemmell?

Craig Gemmell is the President of Brewster Academy International and the Founding Head of Brewster Madrid

How it all started

Brewster Academy was founded in 1820 in a small frontier town. In 2015 Craig Gemmell decided to bring this successful style of education to an international playing field. They selected Madrid to be the first site for what will become a group of international campuses of Brewster Academy. Brewster Madrid was inaugurated in September 2023.

What makes Brewster Madrid stand out?

– An international school with an American way of teaching.
– Classrooms are student-centered
– Students are trained to be good collaborators
– Focus on creativity, collaboration and strong communication skills

How are applicants considered?

– Can the school challenge and support the applicant?
– Will the student and his or her family engage in the educational process?
– Will the student add value to the community?

What relationship does the school have with the parents?

Communication is key: if the student is struggling at home or has had a bad day the school want to know about it. They want the parents to help the school to understand their children. A rich partnership can emerge with the school and parents working together.

Find out more about the school on their website

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