‘Home swapping with children is the perfect way to travel’ – Célia Pronto of Love Home Swap

Since joining Love Home Swap, Célia Pronto’s goal has been to ‘transform the way the world travels’ for a broad array of audiences including families, empty-nesters, couples and solo travellers. But more than that – and hot on the heels of a pandemic that has changed the way the world works and travels – Célia is keen to promote the benefits of home swapping beyond a holiday. From those looking for a change of scenery while they work from home, through to expats and those wanting to experience a new location before they commit to moving there, Célia relishes the opportunity of encouraging members to embrace the sharing community and sees opportunities in the growing trend of exchanging homes in Europe.

[5:50] MumAbroad: Célia, do you think that this is a convenient way to travel for families, particularly with babies & young children?

Célia Pronto, Love Home Swap: Absolutely. We believe it’s the perfect way for families to travel, especially with young children. And especially because when you travel as a family the other home swap is equipped for family life, so kids get to experience plenty of new toys to play with and gardening equipment, so there’s less of a need to pack when you travel. We also find that families swap extra, can I call it, paraphernalia so things like baby gates, highchairs and small details that make the difference. Things like robust plastic cups for weening babies. We find that families choose to swap additional assets like cars and car seats. Obviously it’s up to the families what they swap, but we find it can make it so much easier when travelling as a family to undertake a home swap. 

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