Writing a successful expat blog – Jacqui Brown, The French Village Diaries

July 7, 2020 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Jacqui Brown

We talk to Jacqui Brown, creator of successful expat blog The French Village Diaries.

In this video interview, Jacqui shares with us her passion for all things French, about her blog on living in southwest France, and her love of reviewing books set in France.

Jacqui lives in western France in a small village an hour away from Poitiers with her husband and 19 year old son.

She talks to MumAbroad in particular about her 55-day blogging challenge during France’s nationwide lockdown, the lows of lockdown life and the unexpected opportunities that have arisen from writing her blog daily during two months of confinement.

Key Interview Extract

[0:40] MumAbroad: Jacqui, in your opinion, what makes for an interesting expat blog?

Jacqui Brown: “It has to be not too long, and not too rambling. I try to aim for 500 words per blogpost maximum, though there are times when it goes a bit over. I think it’s important you allow the reader to connect with you personally, you have to share the good times and the bad times. A catchy title with a photo that matches the theme, and then other photos within to break up the text. It all makes it less daunting when somebody clicks on a post.”

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