Couples Therapy with Marléne Rose Shaw

March 23, 2024 | Uncategorised

Couples Therapy for Expat Couples

Marléne Rose Shaw is a therapist and coach who specialises in helping couples overcome challenges and conflicts, learn effective communication, and deepen their understanding so that they can rebuild and strengthen their relationship, and create a path towards more intimacy and happiness. Marléne is based in the south of Spain and works with couples online from all over the world.

What is couples therapy?

A therapist will connect on 3 levels – with each person in the relationship and the relationship itself. A couples therapist is trained to work specifically with the relationship.

What issues are specific to expat couples?

– stress from being in a new country and experiencing a different culture
– navigating bureaucracy
– feeling isolated away from their support network

Things to consider when choosing a couples therapist:

– Are they qualified in couples therapy?
– Do they gave reviews and testimonials available?
– Are they having regular clinical supervision?
– Do they offer a free discovery call?
– What practical tools and resources do they offer?

More information

For information about working with Marléne visit her website.

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MumAbroad was founded in 2007 as a resource for expat mums who struggled without the support of their extended family. By 2014, the network had grown to include information on child-related services, schools, family activities, shops, family holidays and restaurants across Spain and three other European countries. The international network is proud to feature a Women in Business directory, giving home-country, expat and immigrant women a platform to reinvent themselves after maternity leave and serve the MumAbroad community.

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