Education consultant in Madrid Sinéad Galvin (Steps into Spain)

December 8, 2021 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Looking for a school for your child in Madrid?


Sinéad Galvin is an Irish education consultant in Madrid and founder of Steps into Spain – an education consultancy for international families in Madrid.


Sinéad helps families understand the Spanish school system and find the right school for their child in Madrid.


In this interview, we talk about why Sinéad set up Steps Into Spain to combine her professional experience as a teacher and her personal experience as a mother.


She starts with her own experience coming to Ibiza in Spain age 19 before meeting her Spanish husband, living in London for some time, and then returning to Madrid with her own children.


She talks about the main differences of the Spanish education system, how to navigate the vast choice of public, concertado and international schools in Madrid, and the most important things to consider when choosing a school.


What is Steps into Spain?


Steps into Spain is a boutique education consultancy in Madrid, offering help at every stage of the academic journey.


You can book a free consultation call with Sinéad at the Steps into Spain website.


When working with expat families, Sinead maps a journey for each family of between 3 and 8 steps. She ensures that families follow the right path and assists with decision-making along the way.


As a mum of three, Sinead understands and ‘gets’ what each family wants and needs. As a professional independent educational consultant in Madrid, she will ensure your family doesn’t miss out on the best academic experience schools in Madrid can offer.


Where can I find more information about international schools in Spain?

MumAbroad has a directory of the top-rated international schools in Madrid.


You can see an overview of the Spanish education system here.


If you’re thinking of moving to Spain, visit our Ultimate Family Guide to Moving to Spain.


You can also find a list of educational specialists in Spain here.

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