English-Speaking Doula in Barcelona – Claudia García Díaz of LilitMujer

November 7, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Are you looking for a doula in Barcelona?

Claudia García Díaz is an English-speaking doula who can help you with pregnancy/ prenatal support, giving birth in Barcelona, and postpartum support including breastfeeding.

Claudia has a nursing degree, but tells MumAbroad that as she’s there to ‘just give information’ and provide ’emotional and physical’ support for whatever the family requires.

What does a doula do?

Doulas are trained but not healthcare professionals, and do not do any clinical tasks. The doula’s goal is to help parents – especially first-time parents – feel safe and comfortable throughout pregnancy and childbirth, and complement the role of nurses, midwives and obstetricians.

Claudia García Díaz is unique because she has a professional nursing background and a humanitarian background.

Claudia is one of few doulas in Barcelona who speak both English and Spanish so can accompany clients to appointments and to hospital.

Are home births common in Spain?

Claudia tells MumAbroad that home births account for less than 1% of all births in Spain. Home births are not financed by public health care are not typically encouraged.

Spain differs to countries like the Netherlands where home births account for 16% of all births.

How can I work with Claudia?

Claudia’s website has a series of packages, which can be tailored to suit your needs.

The packages cover pregnancy, labour and birth, and postpartum support – you can choose to receive support for one of the three stages above, or through all three.

See the packages available here: https://lilitmujer.com/

Who is Claudia García Díaz?

Claudia García Díaz is a mother, a doula and a women’s rights activist. A

n adventurer and idealist at heart, Claudia worked in the field of emergency humanitarian interventions for several years before pursuing a degree in nursing at the age of 34. After deciding she wanted to work with women in particular Claudia then trained as a doula in the United States.

She relocated to Spain in 2017 and Claudia now offers her doula services to women in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

More information

You can read the MumAbroad profile page for Lilit Mujer Doula here.

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