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October 27, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

What is financial wellbeing?

Lena Perepelova says it’s this – “A state where a person can meet her financial obligations, feel secure about her financial future and make choices that allow her to enjoy life.”

But while finance is central to our wellbeing, Lena says that women on average earn less than men, they take more career breaks, accumulate less pension funds and ‘hardly invest’. Women are therefore at ‘danger’ of ending up without sufficient funds and in financial distress when they should be enjoying retirement.

Are you someone who finds finance complicated?

Have you ever said words like ‘finance is not for me’?

Well, then Lena Perepelova could be the perfect match for you and your children!

Who is Lena Perepelova?

Lena Perepelova is on a mission to make finance accessible and popular.

Lena’s practical courses help women build their financial confidence, get essential knowledge and feel comfortable making their own investment decisions. You can access a self-study investment accelerator course on Lena’s website (see below), you can invite Lena to give a talk to your business or women’s association, and you can organise Lena to offer a special finance course for children as young as 7 or 8 years old. Where it comes to children, Lena says it’s her mission to make finance as popular as sports!

To do both the above tasks, Lena founded the Women Investors Club and the FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids.

You can find out more here:

More Information

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