Georgina Shaw – Shaw Marketing Services – Costa del Sol, Spain

February 23, 2021 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

The benefits of social media as marketing strategy

We talk to Georgina Shaw, the founder of Shaw Marketing Services on the Costa del Sol, about the benefits of social media as marketing strategy.

Georgina Shaw is a British mum who has made her life in southern Spain, founding Shaw Marketing in 2008, and she works with high profile clients in the area.

She talked to MumAbroad about the challenges of setting up a business in Spain, how you can get the most out of social media when marketing your business, the biggest mistakes businesses make on social media, as well as what she loves about family life in southern Spain.

Find out more about Shaw Marketing Services here.

Key Interview Extract

[5:45] MumAbroad How beneficial do you think it is use social media as marketing strategy?

Georgina Shaw:I think that social media is an amazing tool. It’s such a good step forwards for small businesses particularly to use. Because it’s flexible. Social media is very user friendly, and designed with somebody in mind with no technical experience or expertise at all. So that means anybody can use it, and you’ve got such a huge platform of active users you can connect with. Because you’ve got lots of different social media channels you’ve also got lots of ways to contact different kinds of people. So, for example, I really like LinkedIn if you’re talking about business to business networking versus instagram if you’re more image-led or looking for a younger audience. And of course Facebook is the biggest platform by far, you’re able to get a big reach, and using Facebook advertising you can really closely target your audience. Whether it’s females or males, or a specific age range, where they live, their interests, you can really really drill down and make sure that the investment you make is going in the right direction.


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