Heal your neck, back pain, migraines & more – Aaron Morris, Chiropractor in Barcelona

December 15, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

You probably know a chiropractor can help with neck pain, back pain and migraines.

But did you know chiropractic can bring your nervous system into alignment too?

In today’s MumAbroad Life interview, Dr Aaron Morris of Punt Vital Quiropràctic in Barcelona tells us about his passion for helping people ‘deal with stress better’.


How stress affects the body

Aaron tells us how stress ‘accumulates in the body’.

The immediate impacts can be musculoskeletal problems (i.e. back pain, headaches, neck pain) but can develop into ‘severe health issues’ too.

Chiropractic more than just ‘cracking and clicking joints’ can heal stress in the body at its source.

The impact can be life-changing. Just see the reviews on Aaron’s website: https://www.puntvitalquiropractic.com/


Chiropractic cured Aaron’s mother of migraines

Aaron gets emotional as he tells us how, as a boy, he watched his mother at least ‘once a week’ lock herself in a bedroom with the curtains draws, vomiting and agonising with pain.

“She couldn’t live her life,” he says.

Aaron’s mother tried all kinds of medicine until a chiropractor fully healed her. Aaron says he was ‘called to be a chiropractor’ from this moment and loves changing people’s lives.


Work with a chiropractor in Barcelona

Dr Aaron Morris is a qualified chiropractor in Barcelona.

You can book your first visit and evaluation here: https://www.puntvitalquiropractic.com/

Aaron Morris has been practicing chiropractic since 2003. In 2004, he moved to Barcelona where he has built an extremely successful family practice.

Aside from seeing patients at Punt Vital, Aaron enjoys leading professional training seminars for chiropractors. He also participated in the creation of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic.


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