Need a babysitter in Barcelona? – Josi van Ogtrop-Sambou, The Nanny Line

June 19, 2020 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

The Nanny Line with Josi Van Ogtrop-Sambou

Looking for a babysitter in Barcelona, Madrid or Ibiza – listen to our interview with Josi Van Ogtrop-Sambou.

The Nanny Line is a multilingual agency that helps you find the perfect babysitter in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.

Experienced and enthusiastic nannies and babysitters offer support to many expat families in your home, hotel or event, day or night.

Josi van Ogtrop-Sambou told us she moved to Barcelona in 2015, originally for six months while working herself as a nanny.

However, she found it was nearly impossible to find work as an international nanny through existing agencies, and so she set up her own specifically catering for the expat community.

All nannies are personally screened, and have experience in the field of professional nannying. They offer a range of services including:

✅ Occasional bookings
✅ Part-time bookings
✅ Long-term bookings
✅ Tutor nannies
✅ PLAYDATE events

Find out more about finding a nanny in Barcelona here.

Josie van Ogtrop Sambou

Josi Van Ogtrop Sambou is of Dutch-Gambian heritage.

In her previous home of, she Amsterdam worked as a volunteer at a young women and children’s shelter, before completing a two-year internship in a home for people with psychiatric problems followed by two more years working in childcare with families in need of support.

She says that having seen children in ‘broken homes’ has inspired her to train all her nannies towards making children happy ‘in their new home’ in Spain.

Find out more about Josi van Ogtrop Sambou here.

Key Interview Excerpt

[1:50] MumAbroad: Do you only work with expat families or do you have Spanish clients as well? 

Josi van Ogtrop Sambou: “We work with multilingual nannies. That means for expat families, mostly, but also for Spanish or local families who are looking for an English speaking nanny.”

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