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Expat mums need even more support than normal to flourish and thrive in a foreign country.

Trying to fit in while also trying to find yourself can leave many expat mums feel pain, confusion, loneliness and a thirst for connection. That’s where a life coach steps in. But while many life coaches help build confidence and self-esteem, to a Jungian coach this is often little more ‘ego polishing’.


A Jungian coach can help you find your home within


According to Jungian psychology, a person is made up of both a conscious and unconscious persona. Many times our unconscious beliefs drive our behaviour as much as our conscious thoughts. A Jungian coach can help you integrate all parts of your psyche, transcend the ego, and arrive at a place where you decide how to behave and when.


Qualified Jungian coach Michelle Hallum in Barcelona


Michelle Hallum is a British mum of two with 13 years’ experience in Barcelona, Spain. She has a BS Hons in Psychology, plus Jungian Life Coach Training accredited by the International Jungian Coach Association. She also has completed courses on NLP and hypnotherapy.


Michelle offers two group coaching sessions (Monthly Mindset Mondays is for entrepreneurial expats mums, while Coaching and Connection is a group for mums with babies and toddlers) while also offering three different coaching packages. The packages include a one-month kickstart package, a three-month breakthrough package and a six-month transformation package.


Find out more here: www.michellehallumcoaching.com

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