Kathy Moulton, founder of Kalila Community in Milan

October 23, 2020 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Prenatal care, pregnancy support, maternal health & more with Kalila Community

We chat to Kathy Moulton, Cofounder of Kalila Community, a centre for women and maternal health in the heart of Milan.

Kalila Community offers birth courses, yoga classes, breastfeeding support, midwifery and a range of massages and therapies for women through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Kathy Moulton is a Canadian, British and now Italian lawyer, mother of three and yoga instructor.

Shortly after arriving in Italy, she followed her passion for women’s rights and health and entered into the maternal health field.

The team at Kalila Community are dedicated to empowering women with information to allow them to make the best choices for themselves.

Found out more about Kalila Community here.

Key Interview Extract

[0:50] MumAbroad: Kalila. What does it mean and why did you choose that name for your community?

Kathy Moulton: “Kalila is a difficult name, there’s always questions about how to pronounce it. When I was trying to name this project, which was born along with my first child, I was looking through baby name books and I found the name Kalila which is also sort of a combo of my name, Kathy, and my daughters name, Lila. I liked that it also meant ‘dearly loved’, which is how we wanted moms and women to feel when they are in our projects and our community.”


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