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Helping expats live their best life in France

Tracy Leonetti, founder of LBS, is a mother of 2, a self-grown entrepreneur & passionate about helping others follow their true dreams by taking a step by step approach to life and to business. She has helped 1,000s of expats live their best life in France.

Tracy has been living in France since 1992 and her frustration and experience with French bureaucracy led her to set up LBS in 2012 to provide a smooth transition for people moving, living or creating a business in France.


There are about 13 different processes you may encounter when moving to France including:
Visa & Immigration
Banking – you will need a bank account in France
School applications
Child benefits
Healthcare – affiliation takes time!
Driving license exchange & car registration


Serenity Entrepreneur including:
*Access to the private, dedicated Serenity Club facebook page to access deadline reminders, updates & direct live sessions with Tracy
*Managing & declaration of social charges
*Scan & upload service to support understanding & management of your business documents
*Management of CFE (professional) tax forms & declarations
*Guidance with your income tax declaration for your business revenues
*Easy to use templates, how to guides & videos

Serenity Living including:
*Access to the private, dedicated Serenity Club facebook page to access deadline reminders, updates & direct live sessions with Tracy
*Unlimited direct email access to LBS with questions on ALL your paperwork documents & processes
*Enhance the speed you access the healthcare system. Support in obtaining Carte Vitale
*Access to quarterly โ€˜check upโ€™ meetings to troubleshoot any questions on a process (tax, immigration, etc)
*Reduce pricing: -15% for any other services or meetings you may need
*Free access to Serenity Club Webinars, Weekly bites on facebook & Events

Join the Serenity Club here


MumAbroad was founded in 2007 as a resource for expat mums who struggled without the support of their extended family.

By 2014, the network had grown to include information on child-related services, schools, family activities, shops, family holidays and restaurants across Spain and three other European countries.

The international network is proud to feature a Women in Business directory, giving home-country, expat and immigrant women a platform to reinvent themselves after maternity leave and serve the MumAbroad community.

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