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July 27, 2021 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

How to appreciate setbacks and not beat yourself up

We talk to Therapist and Coach Lyra Turnbull, who retrained as a coach and counsellor as a direct result of her own personal experiences.

Lyra was born in London, but moved to Germany 25 years ago and comes from a multicultural family.

She gives practical advice for families to make the fist few months of relocating to a new country as smooth as possible and suggests that facilitating a good goodbye is just as important as generating optimism for the next chapter.

Lyra also talks about the challenges for parents living abroad who do not have extended family nearby and the importance of a creating a local network that you can rely on when needed.

She offers online therapy for a range of issues including:

✅ Counselling & psychotherapy
✅ Life & business coaching
✅ Burnout
Meditation & sound therapy

Looking for online therapy in Germany? Find Lyra Turnbull’s contact details here.

Key interview extract

[7:00] MumAbroad: How would you describe your approach to counselling and coaching?

A lot of people are not aware of the possibilities of different ways of working with therapy. I have a multidisciplinary approach; I use a lot of different methods, because no individual is a carbon copy of someone else. The people we have around, the resources we have access to. They’re all different. This approach it’s like having a toolbox of different possibilities.

I do tend to lean more towards the systemic approach. The idea we’ve had in positive psychology since the 80s and 90s is that if you think positively enough everything will be fine. That’s OK, but we are embedded in things much greater than us. Like COVID. You can’t just look at these things through rose-tinted glasses. It’s about experiencing setbacks to the system we’re in and the resources we have, so we don’t overtax ourselves and don’t beat ourselves up.

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