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April 2, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Dzhangar had finally found a family whose kids got on famously with his two little girls.

But as each left the park he felt annoyed at himself: “Why does it seem weird in Germany to ask another adult for their number?”

Dzhanger, his wife and two children had been struggling to find the same friends they’d enjoyed back home in the republic of Kalmykia.

So he built an app – it’s free to download.

MatchFamilies instantly connects you to like-minded families in your area, with community boards that advertise family-friendly events and software that lets you connect to individual families based on shared interests.

Want to find a local family with kids the same age as yours that like the same sports? MatchFamilies will connect you.


How does MatchFamilies work?

The MatchFamilies App is a new way of making friends for families and couples predominantly in Germany, where it has thousands of users already.

The app is now available in German, English and Russian and is building communities around the world.

Soon, it will roll out in Spanish and Portuguese.

You can download the MatchFamilies App – it’s free – on the App Store or on Google Play:


Who is behind MatchFamilies app?

Founder, Dzhangar Sanzhiev, moved to Germany with his wife and 2 young daughters in 2016 for a work assignment within a multinational corporation.

Four years later he quit his job and early in March 2021 he launched MatchFamilies, an app to help families find and connect with other compatible families to make friends.

He tells leading expat network MumAbroad that finding friends has ‘changed his life’ – after meeting a family in Germany, his wife found a job she loves in healthcare following a recommendation.


More Information

You can find more video interviews on MumAbroad’s YouTube channel here.

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