My Barcelona School – Anya Van De Drift, Education Consultant

September 27, 2022 | Uncategorised

Are you relocating or thinking of relocating to Barcelona in the near future and have school age children? As parents, one of the most important questions our mind is ‘where can I find the best schooling for my children?’


Whether you would like a private or public education for your children, Barcelona, being such a huge city has a huge variety of schools to choose from. Anya Van Der Drift, founder of My Barcelona School, is an education consultant who is based in Barcelona and can lessen some of the stress and worry you will no doubt encounter whilst seaching for a school.


As a teacher herself, with many years of experience under her belt and an ‘insider’s viewpoint’ so to speak, Anya can offer each family a unique, unbiased and flexible package, tailored specifically to their needs.


Who is Anya Van Der Drift?


Anya Van Der Drift, originally from the UK, is a primary school teacher who has taught not only in the UK, but also in Germany and the Netherlands.


She moved to Barcelona in 2011 with her husband and toddler and found that one of the biggest challenges she faced was finding childcare and eventually a school for her (now 2) children which led her to establish My Barcelona School.


More Information


Discover more about My Barcelona School here.


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