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June 29, 2020 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Yoga retreats, women’s wellness retreats, girls’ empowerment, mother and girls’s workshops & more

Niki Moss Simpson – Founder of Shine. Sparkle. Radiate. – is an accomplished intuitive guide and healer offering a range of women’s wellness workshops and Barcelona yoga retreats.

Niki is passionate about empowering women and girls to be the most vibrant version of themselves, through coaching, workshops, retreats & holistic therapies.

She is based in Sitges, a seaside town just south of Barcelona.

She is trained in reflexology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Indian head massage, relaxation massage, hot stone massage, reiki, chakra balancing, emotional freedom technique, yoga and more.

Alongside offering therapy and coaching, she also offers yoga and self-love workshops for teen girls and women, as well as girls’ empowerment retreats and mother and daughter retreats.

For English-speaking Barcelona yoga retreats, find out more on Niki’s website.

More Information

Find out more information about Shine Sparkle Radiate here.

Find out more about Niki Moss Simpson here.

Key Interview Extract

[8:50] MumAbroad: One of the things you do is you have retreats, where you have a space for mums and daughters to go. What happens on those retreats?

Niki Moss Simpson: “The mother-daughter relationship, psychologists say, is the most important relationship in a girl’s life, and a mother’s life, because it sets the tone for all other relationships. There can be conflict in the relationship between mothers and daughters, particularly during the teenage years when a daughter’s job is to rebel against her mother to find out who she is and a mother’s job is to set the rules. And for both of them it’s really difficult, because they’re often very close. I always imagine this as the image of a swimming pool: so the mum is the border of the swimming pool, the safe handlebars where daughters can go for support, whatever they’ve done, when they’re swimming out in the middle of the pool, socialising with friends, learning about boys, experimenting, and they need to know that mum, the handlebars of the swimming pool, is always going to be there no matter what she does.”

“It’s very hard for mums to understand that one day their kind, gentle, helpful daughter who enjoys working in the kitchen with them or going shopping or going to the beach with them suddenly slams her door and says ‘Mum I hate you!’ And it’s totally shocking, and yet it’s absolutely normal. Because a daughter knows that her mum will love her unconditionally, she’s the security blanket, she’s the one that she turns to. But for mum, it’s well, what happens there? I thought she loved me? Why does she hate me? And often when a mum asks the daughter why, she doesn’t know why she said that.”

“So during the retreats it’s very much an open space for mums and daughters to be truthfully honest with each other. We carry out different workshops to try and map out the relationship and to talk about difficult questions and to give everybody the space to really find the truth. And it’s often that mum explains her pregnancy and birth to her daughter, because that’s something we don’t often share with our daughters in our society. Often it’s just the knowledge of what happened, the knowledge of how much a daughter was wanted during a pregnancy, that lets the daughter know how much she’s loved by mum and it gives mum that opportunity to express her love as well. It’s about learning self care, and our love for each other, and our needs. It’s about negotiating the rules of their relationship ,and we do that in a supportive environment with lots of other activities, yoga, healthy foods, lots of hikes in nature, just setting the scene for mums and daughters to really reconnect again.”

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