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February 27, 2023 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Are you living in or moving to the USA and need English language support?

In this MumAbroad interview we talk to Lori Baker about how she helps families relocating to the United States – both children and parents – with their English.

Whether you’re looking to bring your English up to speed in the classroom, the workplace or in everyday life Lori’s Language Lab will give you the confidence you need.

How can Lori help my children at school in the USA?

Even if your child is skilled in mathematics or sciences they can struggle with the English vocabulary in an American school. They may grasp the task but struggle to provide answers or understand what the teacher is saying.

Lori can help teach your child the specific vocabulary they will be using every day via online classes – whether you’re yet to move to the USA or are already living here.

How can Lori help me or my children at college in the USA?

Outside of the classroom, college students can struggle at their apartments or accommodation when things go wrong.

They may not understand how to communicate an issue with the kitchen or the bathroom, or what the tell the doctor when they’re sick. The situation is especially difficult when they need to explain a problem over the phone.

Lori can help you or your child at college navigate campus and accommodation with the English vocabulary they need to get by.

How can Lori help me at the workplace?

Lori can help you or your partner or both with the English they need to get by at work or in small talk with their colleagues.

If you’re looking to get a job then Lori can help you or your partner with the English they need to express themselves with confidence. This is important if the company want you to talk to their clients and represent the business effectively in English.

Lori’s Language Lab

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