Patricia Heinis (relatingwise) – Online mentor for conscious parenting and relationship support

June 15, 2023 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

What does it mean to have a good relationship?

Relationships are the foundation of so much of our lives.

And yet.. there is little guidance on how to have good relationships with our partners and with our children.

How can we deepen our bond to the ones that we love?

How can we become closer?

Patricia Heinis founded her online mentoring business relatingwise to provide these exact answers for clients based around the world.

How can we deepen our relationship with our loved ones?

Patricia believes that conscious parenting and conscious relationships begin with connecting to ourself first.

When you explore yourself, your shadows, your traumas and your past, you can start to identify where your triggers are.

Now you can start to overcome them.

We all suffer from unspoken expectations and projections. They are part of life. But to become emotionally mature in our relationships with our loved we first need to relate better to ourself.

Relating better with ourself is the key to relating wisely with others.

Now you are ready to deepen your connection to your loved ones and create relationships that are deeply fulfilling.

Who is relatingwise for?

Patricia works with individuals as well as couples and larger groups.

The individual can be in a relationship, a parent or a parent soon-to-be (Patricia also runs a Doula service).

They can be joined by their partner to work on their relationship or their parenting – or both.

With a larger group, Patricia can facilitate courses to help everyone involved deepen their connection with themself and start to relate more wisely with others.

Patricia’s work is mainly online.

However, she is based in Munich in Germany and can provide in-person mentoring and support if you live in the area.

What will I get from working with Patricia?

Patricia is a mum of three kids with extensive experience living and working throughout Europe and the US.

She understands very well the globally mobile life and especially the life of people working in international corporations.

Patricia will guide you, support you and enable you to do the tough emotional work involved in deepening your connection to yourself.

She does not force or judge.

Instead, she creates a safe and compassionate space where you can continue your journey to liberating yourself from your learned belief systems and any toxic patterns to ultimately change your relating with others for good.

After working with Patricia, you will show up better in your life and relationships.

How can I start working with Patricia?

You can expect to work with Patricia over 8-to-16 sessions.

But to get a better understanding of relatingwise and Patricia’s approach to online mentoring, you can book a free discovery call with her now.

Get started here:

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