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November 4, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Did you know that Germany’s state pension pays around 40% of your salary?

The ‘pension gap’ can arrive as a shock for many expats living in Germany, retiring or Germany, or seeking to claim a pension for work done in Germany.

Now, you can access the best qualified and most experienced German financial planning and pension advice in one service and one smartphone app. Retirement planning has never been easier, more transparent or more secure.

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Why trust Horizon65 for retirement planning in Germany?

Horizon65 puts you in touch with highly qualified financial planners, with at least 10 years’ experience managing wealth and pensions in the German market.

You will speak to your financial planner via videochat. This helps to keep down costs but also means you can have direct access to your retirement planner in Germany for as long as you use Hoirzon65 products.

Hoirzon65’s mission is to allow everyone who has lived or worked in Germany to have a stable, secure pension plan. They are fully transparent with pension products – whether investments or real estate – and tailor each plan to your needs.

Step one starts by downloading the app and calculating your expected state pension. You can then add your cash savings, private pension plans and anything else to your portfolio and begin creating a secure financial future.

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Who is Seamus Wolf?

Seamus Wolf is a multinational computer scientist with a passion for both technology and personal finance.

With a decade of experience in the financial industry, Seamus founded Horizon65, to combine finance with technology along with his business partner Nicolas Overloop. They offer honest, transparent, and scientific advice for expats to plan their retirement and to help them build wealth.

Horizon65 is based in Berlin, Germany.

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