Senida Kiehl, founder of Excellence in Expat Education Awards

February 2, 2021 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Why an international education is important

We talk to Senida Kiehl about why an international education is important, as well as the concerns expat parents have when finding new schools abroad.

Senida has a wealth of knowledge as an expat, an educator and as a parent herself and gives advice here to parents just starting out on their relocation adventure.

It was Senida’s own personal experience both as an expat parent and as an educator that led her to create the Excellence in Expat Education Awards.

The organisation promotes high-quality international schools and guides parents to finding the best educational opportunities for their children abroad.

Key Interview Extract

[0:50] MumAbroad: Senida, tell us why an international education is important?

I will start with simply saying ‘international community’. If you go to an international school, you are automatically in a community of various nationalities, backgrounds, religions. This multicultural environment is extremely beneficial not only for the years you are in school but helps you see life through a global perspective in the future. When children move to other countries, assimilation and integration is much easier. Children develop language skills too, and in countries where children are not expats but simply want an international school for a different education our research search shows the main interest is for children to function very well in another language, e.g. English. So mastering a language is a great benefit. There are great academic standards of course. Usually people have to pay for this education, and as a result the demand is high and schools provide the best education via best teachers, best facilities, best support systems. They are trying to offer what you are paying for. And usually the schools are nationally considered of very good quality. 

This means that the children in the future will benefit from better work opportunities. International education gives you this international network, not only for the years of study, but for life in the future as well. 

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