Start a business in France by opening a new Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare

February 3, 2022 | MumAbroad Life Video Channel

Are you an expat looking to start up a business in France?

After a successful run setting up 9 Little Frogs Bilingual Daycares in Paris, France, the team have just announced exciting opportunities for new franchisees to start their own bilingual daycares. You don’t need daycare or educational experience to start up a Little Frogs daycare. Nor do you need to speak French.

Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare founders Johan and Gaëtan have spent 10 years building English-French daycares in Paris and will give new franchisees all the knowledge they need. Following licence fees and a 5-day training, they will help every step of the way to finance your project, prepare a business plan, coordinate constructions and help with all the necessary paperwork.

All 9 Little Frogs Bilingual Daycares are to date in Paris and English-French, though the team is open to French-German, French-Spanish, French-Italian and more bilingual models. They are already planning to expand in Lyon, Bordeaux and Nantes and will be happy to accept applications from further afield.


What is Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare?

Best friends Johan and Gaëtan had multicultural upbringings, but after both becoming disillusioned with work in the banking sector they decided to try something more fulfilling. They opened their first Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare in 2011. Since then they opened up 8 more centres in the Saint-Cloud area just outside of central Paris.

In 2021 they decided to change their business model and help others to open daycare facilities and Little Frogs is now available as a franchise. The Little Frogs bilingual daycares have half their staff as native French speakers and half as native English, and promote bilingualism by speaking to the children as if they were at home in a multicultural family.


Who is the ideal franchisee to start up a new bilingual daycare?

Johan and Gaëtan are not only looking for people with daycare experience. In this interview they say 80% of applicants do not have this kind of experience. So long as a person has patience, persistence, motivation and common sense they will be considered an apt candidate.

If you do not speak French, the team have prepared a whole management system that guides you through each step of the process in setting up a bilingual school, and will help prepare paperwork for French authorities.


How much does it cost to become a Little Frogs franchisee?

The total cost is €24,000, however payments are not up front but staggered throughout the process. It begins with a €12,000 payment to secure a licence fee and €6,000 thereafter for a 5-day training, followed by a fee of €6,000 when the school is opened. Royalties are set at 4% of revenue per year.

You can find out more on the Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare website here.


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